Who We Are

Providing much needed financial resources to charitable causes positively changing the world around us

Providing much needed financial resources to charitable causes positively changing the world around us

At Heroes Rebellion, we help charitable organizations through empowering athletes and fitness enthusiasts to harness the determination and passion they bring to races, games, and everyday workouts to benefit a range of causes as diverse as they are. Small Businesses and Corporations utilize our platform as a powerful new method to focus their social responsibility while fostering employee wellbeing and morale.

We aim to change the world by inspiring our Heroes to use their fitness journey as a way to leave a legacy and give back to the world around them.


Be a Part of Our Community

We welcome athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages, ethnicity, gender, and geographical location. People with the ability to advocate good causes through athletic accomplishments and fitness goals are free to join our growing community. These individuals include the following:

  • Athletes who train vigorously to prepare for the next race and want to inspire others while doing it
  • Gym goers who are dedicated to achieving health and wellness goals, and want to inspire others to do the same
  • Individuals who are starting a fitness routine and are in search of inspiration and community
  • Individuals who believe that donating to worthy causes is a great way to give back to society and leave a legacy

Know Where Your Donations Go

You can be sure that 100% of donations made to our Heroes are given to the respective nonprofits and their cause. We ensure that every penny is used to support 501c3 Charitable Organizations positively impacting the world around us.



Societal change has always come from the brave few who dared to believe in the impossible. Beyond my dedication to sport and fitness, I’ve always wanted to find a way to give back to worthy causes that mattered to me and those I love. Heroes Rebellion provides a gateway for athletes like me to utilize our passion for sport to give back to the world around us. We are more than fundraisers… we are committed champions and servants of good, dedicated to providing hope and much needed resources to those who need it most. Click Here to see my upcoming event calendar and what causes I am dedicating my 2021 sport and fitness goals too.

Gregory Baldwin

Founder/Executive Director - Heroes Rebellion Athletic Foundation