How it Works

The Heroes Rebellion Athletic Foundation provides much-needed donations to charitable causes, positively aiding the world around us. Our Heroes use their passion for better health & wellness to raise money for charitable causes impacting their family, friends, and the world around them.

Heroes who raise $500 or more in donations vote from a list of our charity partners to determine the Top 15 Charities who will receive a grant from our Heroes Rebellion Athletic Foundation Fund. The HRAF Fund is comprised of all the collective donations our Heroes raise throughout the year from family, friends, and those inspired by their #heroesjourney. At the end of each year, our “Heroes-Only” vote determines which charitable organizations will be included in our offering.

100% of donations raised by our Heroes go to charities determined by our Heroes!

Participating Heroes have the option of choosing a "Primary Charity" they want to raise money for on our platform. This charity is included on their fundraising profile, and all donations they receive throughout the year are split 50/50 between their Primary Charity of choice and the Heroes Rebellion Athletic Foundation Fund.

NOTE: If a "Primary Charity" is NOT voted into our Top 15, that charity will STILL receive 50% of all donations made to individual Heroes who chose them as their Primary Charity

Participating Heroes will also have the option of selecting the Heroes Rebellion Athletic Foundation Fund as their Primary Charity of choice. This means, 100% of the donations they raise will go directly into the HRAF Fund. 

NOTE: Heroes who choose the HRAF Fund as their Primary Charity (Defaulted Primary Charity unless specified otherwise) will receive two votes towards our Top 15. Athletes who choose another charity as their Primary Charity will receive one vote.