Next Stop: The Cabot Trail , Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Tentative Dates: 9/5/21 -9/10/21 The Cabot Trail — one of the world’s most beautiful bicycle rides — is named after the famous explorer John Cabot, also known as Giovanni Caboto, an Italian who sailed under the English flag. The trail winds through glorious valleys and along an expansive…

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The Presidential Traverse

Man in a mountain

New Hampshire, USA The Presidential Traverse is arguably the most sought-after big hiking/mountaineering objective in the northeast. Also known for being one of the most challenging yet beautiful point-to-point hikes in the Northeast, it summits up to ten of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot mountains—including the five tallest in New England—with the most notable being the iconic…

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Gregory Baldwin

man wearing blue tights

The evolution of change in a society have always come from the brave few who dared to believe in the impossible. Beyond my dedication to sport and fitness, I’ve always wanted to find a way to give back to worthy causes that mattered to me and those I love. Heroes Rebellion provides a gateway for…

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